• 對孩子的學習來說,過程比成果更重要。這一個月之中,培養孩子的基礎學習能力:專注力、觀察能力、思辨和判斷力等比做到正確答案更重要。要是孩子的答案不對,請耐心和孩子交流,聽取他的說法。只要他的解釋合乎邏輯情理,那就要多多誇獎他。
  • 正如思展方程式的一貫設計原則,孩子的學習每次只適宜微量:時間要短,學習元素要少。每天5-10鐘,玩1-2個遊戲就足夠。即使是稍為年長的孩子也不要一次超過4個。
  • 建議以一次做課戲紙、一次玩 [學.遊.樂] 活動這樣交叉進行,增加學習模式的變化,減少沉悶,增加學習成效。
  • 每次進行這些遊戲學習的時候,請家長將手機關掉,放在3米以外。

Welcome to Spring Homeschooling!

During this one-month course, your child will practice their language skills and sharpen their observation skills and focus. On top of that, they will come across some basic logic and coding practices which will help them start to understand AI. And they will do all this with the fun of playing games with you by their side.

Here are a few basic points to bear in mind before we start:

  • Remember that the process is more important than the results, especially when it comes to a child's learning. During this month, your focus should be on building their basic learning skills: focus, observation, decision making. These are far more important than getting the right answer. If your child's answer differs from the model answer, please spend time to discuss with your child and listen to their reasoning. As long as they come up with a good logic and explanation, praise them.
  • As with the design principles of the Sage Formula, children learn best in small doses: shorter period of time, smaller amount of work. Limit each day to 5-10 minutes, focus on doing 1-2 worksheets. Even if your child is a bit older, do not work on more than 4 worksheets each time.
  • If you alternate worksheet and game activities each time, the added variety will further enhance learning.
  • Please turn off your mobile phone(s) when your child is working, and put them 10 feet away.

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